Cooling & Air Conditioning

Whether you seek installation of a new air conditioner, desire a replacement, or need to repair an existing air conditioning system, the expert team members of South Florida’s U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida will attend to all of these service calls and more. Our professionals are at the top of their field, using only the most effective methods to analyze and diagnose problems within existing systems to find the best and most cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

Our Promise

The U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida Quality Guarantee is assured— you can rest easy knowing that all of our repairs and installations will be of the highest quality and durability. Given any problems with your new air conditioning system in the first 365 days of installation, our Quality Guarantee ensures 100% satisfaction, with complimentary service calls to resolve any issues. In the improbable event of a necessary repair, we will waive any required service fee on the new AC system within the first year of installation to ensure smooth and proper functionality.

AC Products and Installation

Our award-winning technicians not only exemplify courtesy, they are skilled in maintenance and repair. With decades of experience in budgeting and financing, our specialists will make the installation and renovation processes easy, expeditious, and economical.

The extensive collection of U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida air conditioners, compounded with the expertise of our team, makes finding the right system for your house and budget a simple process. We offer free comfort consultation and price estimation, to ensure that the new air conditioning system is best for you in terms of size and output, as well as to assess your comfort needs and air quality for maximum efficiency.

AC Repair

Especially in the hot, humid Florida climate, having a well-working air conditioning system is of paramount importance. We at U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida are here every day of the week to make sure that your air conditioner is fully operational, solving common problems relating to humidity, weather damage incurred by storms and hurricanes, and salt corrosion due to saltwater intrusion.

When the AC breaks, fixing it is urgent! U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida technicians are dedicated to providing the quick and professional service you need to get your buildings cool again.

Need installation or repair? Call a U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida representative now to schedule your diagnostic, repair, or installation appointment. We are waiting to help!

AC Maintenance

Upkeep is imperative to a functional AC system. Without proper maintenance, your air conditioning system can be subject to a range of problems that become harder and more costly to resolve over time. Effective maintenance can extend your air conditioner’s lifespan, also increasing its energy efficiency.

Most major air conditioner manufacturers require proof of maintenance in order to validate your AC warranty claim. Luckily, our specialists work 7 days a week to plan and carry out your periodic maintenance appointments in accordance with your schedule. At your convenience, U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida professionals will assess the health of your entire AC system, including elements such as the Accumulator, Air Leaks, Blower Wheel, Capacitors, Condenser Coil, Defrost Controls, Drain Line, Drain Pan, Evaporator Coil, Expansion Valves, Filter, High Voltage Connections, Low Voltage Connections, Motors, Refrigerant, Relay, Thermostat, and Compressor. After an initial assessment, we can get to work on fixing your air conditioning system. As with all of our other products and services, maintenance is also covered by our U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida Quality Guarantee.