Mini-Split AC Systems

What are mini-split air conditioning systems? Mini-split air conditioners, otherwise referred to as ductless air conditioners, are unique in that they use an outdoor condenser to pump cool air to the indoor components, which can be mounted somewhere on the wall or ceiling inside of a building, to release cool air.

Ductless systems have the capacity to provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, offering room-to-room comfort across homes, garages, studios, hotel rooms, condos, and apartment complexes. Whether you seek installation of a new air conditioner, desire a replacement, or need to repair an existing ductless air conditioning system, the expert team members of South Florida’s U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida will attend to all of these service calls and more.

U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida offers mini-split systems that are stylish, functional, environmentally friendly, and economical. With an array of models, we can help you find the perfect fit for your space and needs. For a free diagnostic consultation regarding your need for a new mini-split system installation, contact us today.

Why Go Ductless?

Constant temperature fluctuation and roaring AC systems are a recipe for a headache and high energy bills. To ditch the noise and the cost, install a ductless system. The famously quiet systems keep your interior environment at your constant temperature of preference, also improving air quality and reducing energy costs by up to 50 percent. Especially in the Florida heat, an inefficient AC can quickly rack up an unsustainable bill. Our expert technicians have decades of expertise in installing and repairing ductless systems for year-round savings.

Is A Ductless System Right For Me?

Do You Have Multiple Window Air Conditioners or Space Heaters Installed?

A mini-split air conditioning system can be expertly configured to integrate heating and cooling into occupied rooms, conserving energy and saving you money by only working in the rooms that are being used.

Are You Building An Additional Room Or Converting A Garage Or Basement?

A mini-split AC is an excellent solution to employ during room conversion. When creating a new room or converting an existing attic, basement, or garage into a livable space, a ductless AC solves back for the limitation of ducted systems.

Are You Planning A New Building?

The planning stage of construction is the ideal time to take full advantage of a ductless system. From the outset of use, a multi-split system simplifies installation and maximizes benefit.

Tired Of Hearing Loud Air Conditioners?

Ductless systems are often called “whispering” due to how softly they operate. Not only is their normal function nearly silent, they can be activated to be in “quiet mode” bringing down their noise level even further. Never worry about a roaring AC system again!

Want A Lower Energy Bill?

Featuring automated technology to program and monitor your temperature, mini-split systems prevent excessive energy usage—and therefore preventing excessive energy expenditures. Installing of a ductless system has been found to cut energy costs by as much as 50 percent , using the U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida “intelligent eye” feature to automatically shift into an energy-saving mode when no movement has been detected for 20 minutes. When someone enters the room, the system kicks in again, sustaining cost and energy effectiveness.

Want Cleaner Air?

Mini-split air conditioning systems offer photo-catalytic deodorizing air filters, using cutting-edge technology, tested and proven to remove bacteria and viruses and decompose odor. Have allergies? Say goodbye to smoke, dust, hair, and pollen, all of which are sifted out by the high-quality filters. The best part? Maintenance is as easy as wiping the filter clean and giving it some sun exposure once every six months.

Our Promise

The U.S.H.A.C. of South Florida Quality Guarantee is assured— you can rest easy knowing that all of our repairs and installations will be of the highest quality and durability. Given any problems with your new air conditioning system in the first 365 days of installation, our Quality Guarantee ensures 100% satisfaction, with complimentary service calls to resolve any issues. In the improbable event of a necessary repair, we will waive any required service fee on the new AC system within the first year of installation to ensure smooth and proper functionality.